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A Successful Track Record in Physiatry

Physicians Practice Management

Health Plus Management, LLC (“Health Plus”) was formed in 1994 to provide physicians practice management services to privately owned physiatry practices. Over the course of our history, we have assisted numerous physiatrists in opening their own practice and subsequently provided such physicians with practice management services.

By outsourcing the majority of the operational and business functions needed to run their practice, our clients are able to treat larger patient volumes on a daily basis, allowing them to generate significant revenue and operate profitable practices.

Maximizing profitability of your medical practice.

Today we provide practice management services to 21 physiatry centers located throughout the New York City metropolitan area. We provide our clients with an economical solution to managing the business and operations of their practice as our management services allow our clients to benefit from an infrastructure and back office that is typical of a much larger healthcare group.

Our combination of extensive healthcare experience, business acumen, long-term track record of opening and managing successful practices, and niche focus on working with physiatrists make us the ideal management services organization for physiatrists in, or seeking to enter, a private practice environment.